Friday, January 28, 2011

Joya de Palermo Hollywood

Last night we accidentally found the most amazing restaurant. It is called La Cabrera and is in Palermo Hollywood, an exclusive and posh neighborhood very close to the one we live. Matt read an article a friend forwarded to him featuring this restaurants that "takes Argentina's amazing steaks in a direction". The directions we found online lead us to a restaurant on the corner of a busy block with huge willow trees with branches overflowing onto the patio tables and cobblestone street. Every table outside was full and groups of people were waiting outside to be seated. The furniture was vibrant red and inside was a visible kitchen with lots of huge open fire barbeques. Since we have discovered that waiting for a outside table can take up to an hour, we opted to sit inside right away. The menu I was handed was frayed and worn out, a good sign if you ask me.  Everything on the menu looked delicious. Compared to my first night dining out, I feel much more confident in ordering even though I still ask the waiter at least three or questions. Matt and I ordered bife de lomo y bife de chorizo, both steak but different parts of the cow. Considering the amount of meat I have eaten thus far, I was going to go with a salad but when I smelled that sweet smoky barbecue flavor in the air I just couldn’t resist. When our waiter put the plate in front of me my eyes lit up. Not because of how good it looked, which it did, but because it was the biggest slab of meat I had ever been served. I have heard that Argentinean girls don’t eat very much (a generalization of course) and I am sure my waiter was a little shocked when I ordered it. The meat was delectable and the caesar salad side was about all I could handle. Not to our surprise, Matt and I both took our food to go and it ate it in a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner the next day. In total our salad appetizer, two huge our steaks, and bottle of red wine cost 45 dollars- tip included! It is pretty outrageous how cheap things are here if you find the right places- meaning anything that’s not targeted toward tourists.

The reason we accidentally found it is because we came across the real La Cabrera restaurant yesterday when we were walking around. Based off the description in the New York Times, this place fit the bill a little better than the other. Looks like we went to the wrong one but if the article is right, looks like you can’t go wrong with La Cabrera! 

Today we are going to Plaza de May, Buenos Aires’ central square in “El Centro”.  The plaza became Plaza de Mayo in honor of May 25, 1810, when a massive public protest backed by the American-born Spanish convinced the opposing Spanish born oligarchy who supported Spain’s control, that independence from them was inevitable. This place has a lot of history so I am very excited to check it out.