Saturday, March 12, 2011

I started my internship with a travel magazine today. This company (which I don't want to mention online but just ask me later!) has publication in most major cities and are a well-known enterprise in Europe and South America. Matt bought me the pocket size guide book for Christmas and it hasn't been more than 10 feet away from me since. The company also releases a bi-annual magazine, which I read the first week it was released and now sits on our living room table. My role for the next couple months is to manage and maintain their social media efforts. The company started a branch in Buenos Aires eight years ago but as far as social media goes, they are just starting to make a presence. Myself and another girl who is about the same age as me, will be managing their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as their monthly newsletters. My job is to dig out the most interesting and least obvious dirt and share it with anyone I can get to read it. I am very pleased to have found this job because I have an interested in exploring the shadows of this wonderful city and keeping in the loop so I don't miss out on anything!


  1. You better keep me in the loop too! Haha

  2. Hey you will be doing a great job! It sounds like fun since Facebook and Twitter is something we usually do in our free time and you get to do it as a job, you are paid for it! I once had a job in Argentina. I had to rent an apartment in buenos aires since the company I was working for in the US opened a branch there (the same as you) I loved the country so much that even though the company stopped business in Argentina, I stayed :)