Friday, March 4, 2011

Matt got back yesterday from his five day hunting trip. He stayed at a hunting lodge four hours outside of BA. He was invited by his friend from Memphis to join him the other fifteen others on the expedition. Seeing that Matt dreams about shooting fish almost every night and his most searched topic in youtube is 'spearfishing', this was a good alternative. I was a little surprised when he told me they were hunting doves but apparently doves are pests to farmers. Over five days, the group shot over 53,000 doves!  Matt had never used a shotgun before but he did pretty well in the group, placing second for accuracy.

Once the birds are shot, the bird boys and their canine partners collect them and after each hunter's killings are put on paper, the birds are used as bait to catch paranas or you can eat it barbecued. Matt says they are quite tender and tasty.

This weekend we have guests in town so I am sure it will be a fun-filled weekend. Tomorrow we might go to a estancia in the countryside to enjoy a 'dia de campo'. A day in the country includes horse back riding, hiking, asados around a campfire, bike riding and gaucho shows. Next Tuesday is the carnival holiday, a annual festival celebrated in many European and South American countries. It was originally started by Catholics in Italy and was held the day before lent. People dress up in costumes and parade down the streets. This is the first year in a long time that carnival was allowed to be celebrated in Buenos Aires, so I have heard that it is best to go to Uruguay or Rio if you want to see the real fiesta.

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  1. Heads up, they sell planter's peanut butter and other imported items at the carrefour that's in paseo alcorta.