Monday, February 28, 2011

El Tigre

Last weekend we went to El Tigre, a riverside town an hour north of BA. Matt's friend Bobby was staying with us and one of my favorite things about having visitors is not only showing them places we have gone but also discovering new places together.

El Tigre is the gateway to the Delta, a network of waterways and islands, and a paradise for vacation homes. Matt and I heard it was the perfect place to have a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Locals and tourists alike go there to enjoy the river deltas, the fresh air and the Puerto de Frutos- the outdoor markets that line the river ports. By far the biggest attraction was the outdoor markets where you can find wicker furniture, homemade honey and sweets, jewelry, vibrant flowers, and of course fresh fruit. When we got off the train it was first things first- find a parilla so we could walk around with a full stomach. We followed our noses and looked for a place that had more people that empty chairs. At lunch that day I learned a two very valuable lessons: Ordering a salad at a parilla is always a little risky. Lesson number two: Don't order a salad if you don't know whats in it. My attempt to be on the healthier side did not go as planned. I ordered a Waldorf salad and what I was handed was a bowl of cream and celery. I have found on this day and my other attempts to order salads at a parilla is that what you see is what you get, and if it doesn't list the ingredients, make sure to ask your waiter or simply don't order it.

As we walked around the markets and looked out onto the river, it was easy to forget we were in Buenos Aires. Buying furniture was out of the question, but we got our hands dirty with the best fruit smoothie I have had in a very long time. Our hands also got sticky eating figs, a fruit hard to describe because it is unlike any other but basically it is candy.

Matt's friend Bobby was anxious to find some water sports, seeing that he lived on the peninsula and was deprived of it for the last couple months as he traveled around South America. We hopped on a tourist tour boat in hopes of finding a waterski lodge. Once we found the waterski lodge, we jumped off onto the dock, not knowing when the boat would return. The lodge was clearly someone's house because their was two little girls playing in the front yard with the dogs. Finally a adult came out to help us and they informed us that the speed boat was gone and wouldn't be back for a while and the tourist boat would be back in about three hours. Another valuable lesson: doing a little bit of research will help you avoid situations like this. Although, we did accomplish our goal of relaxing. We kicked off our sandals, popped a couple quilmes and practiced some Spanish.


  1. I love Tigre--or rather, the Delta. Because the farther you go to outlying islands, the more fun and away from it all it is.

    You can book a day's excursion at the Tigre boat station, most including lunch and many including kayaking and other water sports.

    And as far as eating at parrillas, you need to order meat!!! and maybe papas fritas, and an ensalada mixta, which is always lettuce, tomato, and onion. Then you can't go wrong. Remember--meat!

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  3. Haha I was warned about the salads...thank god! I love you're pictures. Although I can't imagine why you would actually want to swim in that brown water.....haha see you today!!!

  4. Taylor , you have made a perfect description of our Delta , and El Tigre , its a very nice place and you tell exactly how it is , thanks !!