Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puerto Madero, BA's youngest barrio

Punta de La Mujer (Bridge of Woman)
The historic red brick warehouses have been turned into office lofts and flashy restaurants. 

Even the youngest barrio in Buenos Aires has some awesome graffiti! 

Yesterday we went to Puerto Madero, the dockland area located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. Since its inception the port has undergone many make-overs, the latest one being as recent as 1996 and since then the port has been a representaion of BA's self image as a grand, European style city. The red brick warehouses, built in the 1890s, have been transformed into modern residential and office buildings. The appearance of the structures and the bridge is unlike anywhere else in Buenos Aires. The east side of Puerto Madero has sprung up high rise residencies and luxury hotels and is still undergoing vast construction. The immigrants who once arrived in BA in the 1890s would not recognize such a modern skyline! As BA's "up-and-coming" barrio,  is has attracted a lot of foreign investment yet as we walked around it felt like a ghost town. The half-finished buildings were tall and beautiful but they looked unloved, as if the construction workers were taking a lunch break but no one knew when they were coming back.

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