Saturday, February 26, 2011

BA Fashion Week

The lines to get into the runway room.

A dress hanging from one of the designer showrooms.

Matt getting some fashion tips from one of the designers!  

Buenos Aires loves shoes...The higher the better!! 

Buenos Aires Fashion Week, a biannual event showcasing 20+ designers and their collections for the winter and autumn seasons, was this past week. I had never been to a fashion show before so I was excited to check it out and get some insight into the Argentine fashion world. Matt and I ended up seeing the second to last show on Friday. As we approached the venue, scores of 15 to 23 year olds flooded out of the building into the streets with glowing smiles and shopping bags in hand. Matt and I entered the massive auditorium, featuring designer showrooms, and stood still for a moment in silence to watch the crowds of young girls decked out in their closet's best arm in arm with their fashionista friends galloping in their stunningly high high-heels around the fashion race course.

The designer showrooms featured select items that were available for purchase and very fun to gaze at. The auditorium was also a sort of waiting area to get into the runway room. The lines to get in ran all the way to the opposite side of the auditorium so far you could even see where it ended. Groups of girls sat in circles on the floor as they waited in line to get a glimpse of this winter's hottest trends (winter is just about to start here). I was very surprised at how most of the attendees were teenage girls. I was expecting a older crowd and a few more men.

We didn't know much about Vicki Otero, the designer we were about to see, only that she was a woman and she was from Argentina. The show ended up being around 12 minutes. Her collection had a lot of baggy clothes and dark neutral colors. I don't know much about judging this sort of high end fashion but thanks to Project Runway I could catch the intricate details and innovate cuts she mastered.

I don't know if I would wait in line again for an hour to see such a short show but I am glad we stuck it out and got to see some of BA's fashion icons and the teenage girls that seem to be front and center when it comes to seeing the latest trends.

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