Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have been dedicating a lot of time to my internship these past couple weeks. I work from my computer so I get to work when I want which is very nice. This internship is becoming more of a hobby which is good and bad. I get so caught up in searching the web trying to find the coolest and more interesting things going on this city, before you know it I have 20 windows open. I click on one thing and it leads to another. For people like myself who are indecisive and have a widespread curiosity, living in a city with so many happenings it is easy to get lost in it all. I am getting better at channeling my attention on things that interest me the most and dismissing all the rest- but it does take practice. As much my research and findings are benefiting this magazine and it's followers, it would be a lie to say that I am doing it just for them. I like being able to show off my knowledge to my friends. I just need to make sure I don't spend more time on the internet than actually enjoying the things I talk about.

In regards to my internship and just living here in general, I have noticed a few things about this country in the past month or so. Companies and businesses here do not value site management as much as we do in the states. I have come across too many sites to even count that are 'temporarily under construction' or have incorrect contact information listed. There are many restaurants, stores and cafes that don't have a website at all. Furthermore, if they have the right number listed there is a fifty-fifty chance they will answer the phone. You would think this would only be true for small businesses but it is true for the large ones too.

What I have concluded from my experience is that BA is just a little behind on using the internet as adamantly as businesses in the states. I am sure companies exist that haven't jumped on the internet or bust bandwagon and are still prospering due to reputation and locality but it still surprises me that in a city with so many people living it and visiting that you wouldn't want to take advantage of all the great benefits of creating a reliable website.

One more thing to think about that downplays everything I just said is that for a foreigner with english as first language, many things are lost in translation. When I first came here I searched for things in google in English. Now that I am a little bit wiser and my Spanish is much better, I search in Spanish which has proven to provide more accurate information and just more information in general. However, even in my Spanish dealings I still encounter many of these problems.

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