Monday, May 23, 2011

Last day in Buenos Aires

Today is our last day in BA. We have a red eye flight at 9pm. I am both excited to come home to the beach and sad that our trip is ending. There are many things I am going to miss about this place. To start..the soccer culture. There is always at least three games on TV, accompanied by a announcer with a voice with so much passion and intensity you might think every game is a championship. Matt and I made it to five River games and there is nothing else like them. The dining culture...Eating out is a big part of the culture here and no matter what night of the week there is lines pouring down the street from your favorite grubbery. Cheap red wine...My wallet and I will miss it dearly, my liver will not. The city life...There is always something fun to do or unique to try and always someone who is equally interested in doing and trying with you. Spanish... For all its hardships learning a new language has by far been the most rewarding part of this trip. The mindset of fellow expatriates...Meeting a fellow expat is always a very enjoyable experience. There is no hostility or awkwardness, only a genuine interest in getting to know the other person and sharing experiences, contacts and advice. Lack of communication...Relying on cell phones with only basic features and a low credit line that gets lower with each call, sometimes you actually have to follow through with plans and not cancel the last minute with fear that you can't get ahold of the person. It honestly makes life easier and more dependable people.

I will miss you Buenos Aires! I promise I will return again with more American dollars in my pocket and  the same genuine excitement for exploring your territory!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. MJR

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