Sunday, May 1, 2011

It is very windy on the 31st floor. Today is quite a gloomy day and it is sprinkling. My soccer game got cancelled again today, for the fourth time in a month and a half. I have come to the conclusion that whenever it rains everything is susceptible to change. People cancel their plans and stay indoors, events are postponed, businesses close, taxi drivers take the day off, simply put you never know if the plans you had before are going to work out. I think this is a very Porteno attitude to put things off because of the rain.  Two weeks ago it was lightly sprinkling with the sun shining brightly and I got a call from my teammate informing me their was no game. During my first few months here I was working for a concert event planning company every Wednesday and it got cancelled a few times due to rain but that day lost was never made up. In the states, work continues and meetings take place even with bad weather. A work day lost means money lost. This is not the mentality of Portenos who have a much more lax attitude towards working, generally speaking.

Holidays here work a little differently as well. The day before and the day after holidays are subject to uncertainty. This is just observation but when I see bustling restaurants, crowds of people hanging in the park, and the running path full of runners and rollerbladers, I can only assume that if a holiday is on a Thursday so is Friday. Of course, I am not in the professional working world so the rules could be more defined there.

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