Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apartment view at night.

View during the day.
Living room/dining room.
Beautiful kitchen w/ a electric stove and microwave!
Most of the apartments we looked at had tiny rinky-dink kitchens.

We moved into our new apartment this week. It is on the 31st floor with a unbelievable view of the city. If we were on the other side we would have a view of the river. When we first walked in and got a tour from the real estate agent I was astounded at how new everything looked. We are certainly very lucky.

I took a photography class this week with a local Argentine photographer. She studied and worked in New York for twelve years before returning to her home city. She turned her house into a studio and gives classes to people like me who haven't studied photography in school but want to learn from someone who has knowledge and experience. My first class went better than I expected. The class started a month ago but since I have self taught a lot of the basics I felt comfortable joining. There are two other Argentine girls in my class a little older than me in the class. One of the girls is a makeup artist so we had a little fun with make overs and dressing up. Mariana, my teacher told me they don't normally do this, I just came on a special day. We took turns taking photos of each other with a black sheet behind us and project lights, focusing on light, shadows and angels. The next class we are going to bring in our 15 best pictures and review them together. 

My hair was four inches tall ! 

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  1. Hi Taylor! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I love the pics of your apartment :) I'll be traveling to Buenos Aires in two weeks and I booked an apartment with Buenos Aires apartments because I didn't want to stay for long time in a hotel. It's like if I loss contact with the city and the people if I stay in a hotel. In a couple of weeks I'll came back sharing my experience with you. Best, Pam