Monday, April 11, 2011

The Beatles Argentine style

Last night we went to see a Beatles cover band at The Cavern Club downtown. Matt has family friends from California who are living here as well and they invited us to come along. The club is dedicated to the Beatles and was named after the Liverpool nightclub where the band first got started. It is also located right next to the Beatles Museum which opened up this year. The museum was started by a guy who had a obsession with The Beatles and he collected so much memorabilia that he even won Guinness World Record for the largest collection category.

Anyways, it seems that Argentines have a soft spot for the foursome. We saw a band called Nube 9, made up of a drummer, two male guitarists one of which was the lead volcalist, one female guitarist and volcalist, and two pianists. I started laughing when they first came out on stage just thinking how I was about to see Argentines impersonating these American legends in a cheesy memorabilia bar filled with people that might not even understand the words. When the lead male singer belted out the first lines to 'Revolution' I perked up on my chair so I could get a better view. The lead male singer had a voice that made you think he was lip synching. His accent not only sounded English but oddly similar to the Beatles in their early days. The female singer and guitarist was as charming as she was talented. Overall it was very impressive and being a huge Beatles fan myself, I joined in the crowd when they chanted "uno más!" at the end of the night. 

We spoke to the lead male singer after the show and I was shocked to find that his English was not very good. He told us he had a hard time with pronunciations but he has been listening to the Beatles since he was 11 and has perfected their singing technique. We noticed that he positioned his tongue differently and his jaw and mouth looked funny when he sang certain words. Apparently, him and the female vocalist have competed in different Beatle competitions around the world. 


  1. Hi Taylor! You've got a great blog. I've been following you for little while because I'm an Argentine expat thinking of moving back to the homeland after 20 years in the US and I've found your posts to be very helpful! Keep up the great work!

    PS: The Beatles are an English band. ;)

  2. "American" legends? Really? Oh my goodness...