Monday, April 25, 2011

El Primo, one of Matt's favorite parilla's on Baez street.

Autumn leaves fall on our old street of  Chenaut.
We are moving to another apartment on Tuesday. Our lease is ending and Matt and I wanted to check out another neighborhood. Currently we live in the lovely Las Canitas or what Matt calls the Corona del Mar of Buenos Aires (Corona del Mar is a trendy, upscale neighborhood in Newport Beach). Besides some of the snobby Portenos that reside here, I am going to miss it. During the day it is peaceful and serene and when night the restaurants open up and the streets become alive. Our apartment lies one block from the the busiest street of Baez that has a array of restaurants and cool bars. At night, and especially on weekends, the beautiful Portenos dress in their best to dine and be seen.

We are moving to Palermo Botanico, a neighborhood with parks and gardens that makes it green and pleasant. In a city with lots of noise, smog and clutter it is a good feeling knowing you have a quiet space to have some peace and privacy. I haven't made up my mind if I like living in a city or not. I miss fresh air and backyards and views of nature instead of buildings. The air  here is poisoned with automobile smoke, trash and cigarettes. Of course, the upside of living in a city is that there is a endless amount of things to do. No matter who you are or what you like there is something calling your name as you walk down the street. BA has lots of huge artists and bands coming through on tour and new restaurants and bars are sprouting all over the city. Even with all these positives, there is still times when I miss being surrounded by nature and the beach.


  1. Hi, last year I went to Argentina and I believe that the the best place to eat is "La Cabrera". Last year I was in one of those Buenos Aires apartments which was near that place and went there almost every day.
    I loved it and it is in the neighborhood of Palermo.

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